Saturday, September 01, 2012

Poetry on the run

This is a poetry by Pandit Narendra Mishra that was put up on a board in Moti Magri....... Praising the life of Maharana Pratap a valiant warrior king born in the soil of Rajasthan. I found it interesting because I have never before seen a poetry put up like that. Plus I kind of like the language used...... reminds me of Saint Meera's Bhajans.

The poem on the board is a prayer to the Lord asking him to give birth to more children like Rana Pratap so that powerful emperors like Akbar would lose their sleep...... like they had a snake under their pillow. 

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  1. So... is that Hindi? It looks pretty but, alas, I can't read it! ;(

    1. Hi!!! The first two lines are in Rajasthani, which is the local language. The second and third are the Hindi translation of the first two lines. I have given the literal translation in English under the pic. Cheers......


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