Saturday, September 15, 2012

City Palace 3 - Interiors of the Palace

Rajasthan is filled with folk lores of kings, princes and queens. It was one of the most flourishing kingdoms during the moghul and subsequently during the British regime. The Rajputana history is still alive and humming and interests most people even today.

Interiors of the City Palace shows the private life of the royals in their varied moods. It gives a glimpse of glory days of the Rajput kings who after a busy day attending to administrative duties found relaxation in the vibrancy of the colors and at more somber time a place for pensive recollections.

Posting it in Ruby Tuesday

Smiling Sally


  1. What a beautiful place ! and so colorful !

  2. Very relaxing!

    Ruby Leaves is one of my entries. Please come and see, your comment will be very much appreciated.

  3. So comfy and beautiful!

    Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..

  4. Beautiful captures. A late Ruby Tuesday visit. Mine's here.


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